CCT Library

Make use of, browse and enjoy our latest addition - A Library!!
In addition to the book sales, we now offer a library with books and DVD's to be borrowed on a two weekly basis, free of charge.

All Members and Regulars Welcome!!

The material will help our family members with the challenges they face in this world.

The Library can be accessed after church services.

You are also welcome to contact Willem Swanepoel if you would like to make use of the Library during the week. (021-559 8812)







Act of Marriage, The Tim & Bev LaHaye
Art of turning from sin to Christ,The Kevin DeYoung
Addictions- A Banquet in the Grave Welch, Edward T
Assisted Suicide Vaughan Roberts
A Christian response to refugees… Alan Profitt
A Lost God in a Lost World Melvin Tinker
Baker Ilust Dictionary Esv Combo Longman
Basic Christianity Stott, John
Busy Christians Guide to Business, The Tim Chester
Christian Beliefs - 20 Basics Grudem, Wayne
Conflict and Triumph - Job Gree, William H
Dear Abdallah Gerhard Nehls
Digital Cocaine Brad Huddleston
Dangerous Calling Tripp, Paul David
Die Geheim van suksesvolle verhoudings Smalley, Gary
Distinctives, dare to be Different Roberts, Vaughan
Don't Waste your Life John Piper
Emotions: Living Life In Colour Beynon, Graham
Faith in a Time of Crisis Vaughan Roberts
Festo Kivingere Retief, Frank
Glory of Christ, The Owen, John
God is closer than you think Ortberg, John
God's Big Picture Roberts, Vaughan
God's Big Design Roberts, Vaughan
God is Enough Ray Galea
God's at War Kyle Idleman
Gospel Centered Marriage Chester, Tim
Grace Abounding To Chief Of Sinn Bunyan, John
Honest Evangelism Rico Tice
How People Change Lane/Tripp
Hope after betrayal Wilson, Meg
Instructing A Child's Heart Tripp, Tedd & Mar
Illustrations, Parables, Stories Andreas Maurer
Intended for Pleasure Ed Wheat
Know and tell the Gospel Chapmand, John
Knowing Christ Jones, Mark
Knowing God With S/G Packer, J I
Let's Both Win Arnold Mol
Life in Christ Stott, John
Life you've always wanted, The Ortberg, John
Life's Big Questions Roberts, Vaughan
Life's Big Questions Roberts, Vaughan
Love & Respect Eggerichs, E
Love beyond Reason Ortberg, John
Love Life for every married couple Ed Wheat
Liberating Prayer Neil T Anderson
Meaning of Marriage, The Keller, Timothy
Money, Sex and Power Piper, John
'n Nuwe Hart 'n nuwe Lewe Smalley, Gary
Never beyond Hope Packer, J I
New Stong-Willed Child, The Dobson, James
Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan, John
Praying The Lord's Prayer Packer, J I
Problem Of Pain Lewis, C S
Pure Joy Ash, Christopher
Pursuit of God Tozer, A W
Relationships A Mess Worth Making Lane, Timothy S
Seven Solutions for Burned-out parents Dobson, James
Shame Interrupted Edward T Welch
Setting boundaries with adult children Bottke, Allison
Shepherding a Child's Heart Tripp, Tedd
Shepherding: Parent's Handbook Tripp, Tedd
Snubbing God Victor Kuligan
Story ESV Bible, The
Thank God it is Monday Mark Greene
Transgender Roberts, Vaughan
True Spirituality Roberts, Vaughan
Turning Points Roberts, Vaughan
Universe Next Door, 4th Ed Sire, James W
Upper Room (Sermons) Ryle, J C
Vallei van Trane Nola Shaw
War Of Words Tripp, Paul David
When People Are Big & God Is Small Welch, Edward T
When the Game is over Ortberg, John
Where was God when that Happened Ash, Christopher
Who am I? Bridges, Jerry
What is so Amazing about Grace Philip Yancey
Workers for the Harvest Field Roberts, Vaugan





Balanced Andy Stanley
Billy Graham, Early years Hammer/Landau
Courages, Honor begins at Home Tony Dungy
Christian Worldview RC Sproul
Fireproof, never leave your partner behind Affirm Films
Facing the Giants Collectors Edition
He still got the Whole World in His Hands Andy Stanley
John Hus Go-Tell
Language of Sex, The Gary Smalley
Losing your Religion (Jesus vs religion) Andy Stanley
Love Sex & Dating Andy Standley
Masculine Spiritual Leadership David Hall
Pause (Temptation) Andy Stanley
Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan Modern Retelling
Pursuing God (Intimacy with God) Louie Giglio
Story of Jesus for Children, The Jesus Film Project
Tattoo (Life marked with salvation) Louie Giglio
The Thrill of Hope (Christmas) Andy Stanley
War Room Affirm Films
William Tyndale Story Dvd Torchlighters
Digital Cocaine Brad Huddleston