1.    Our aim is to provide SAFE and SECURE space for children and volunteers working with children.
2.    All volunteers undergo BACKGROUND CHECKS and are regularly reminded of our CODE OF ETHICS and CPP training.
3.    We have stringent GUIDELINES and PROCEDURES aimed at protecting children and volunteers.
4.    Any suspected child abuse MUST BE REPORTED:

Everyone in South Africa is a mandated reporter by law. Any person with reasonable cause to believe a child is being abused or neglected must, under the law, immediately report it to the Department of Social Development, or a Social Worker from a Child protection organization, or to the local South African Police Services.  Christ Church Tygerberg will assist in filing the report. Please inform our Member Responsible for Child Protection  of any irregularities.

5.    Please READ our Child Protection Document.



Any person who on reasonable grounds believes that a child is in need of care and protection must report that belief as follows:

•    CCT Rector: A. Visagie.
•    CCT Member Responsible for Child Protection: Willem Swanepoel
•    CCT Children’s Ministry Leader: Melissa Byne
•    Or to the provincial department of social development, a designated child protection organization or a police official.

Christ Church Tygerberg will immediately follow up on reports of abuse or suspected abuse. Appropriate action will be taken, including contacting authorities. CCT will not deny, minimize, or blame any individual involved in allegations. CCT staff and leaders will minister to all involved and will cooperate with authorities.