Our logo above tells all about what we are about this year. Just like the colourful spheres rotating around the blue centre, we would like all the diverse ladies drawing together around the ministries at CCT and God’s Word. Our aim is to draw the ladies that are on the outer rim closer into our CCT community and fellowship and so growing them in their walk with the Lord. We would also like to draw ladies in from the outside into our CCT community where we can draw alongside them and help them to move closer to the Lord and other ladies at CCT. 

Imagine a living room with steps running up to the entrance. Developing intimacy in any friendship is like drawing someone into your livingroom. As you enter the living room you may pause on the step, here you feel comfortable to chat about facts. The weather, school activities.

As you step into the entrance of the livingroom you feel more confortable enough to share your opinions. Sharing opinions makes us a little more vulnerable. Finally we enter the living room and here we start sharing our feelings. Here we are truly vulnerable and we need to trust one another a lot more. But the joy and companionship that is rewarded you when you enter the livingroom is such a wonderful gift from our Lord. Ladies I want us to enter each other’s livingrooms this year. Yes our actual livingrooms, but also the livingrooms of our lives.


So this year we are going to be encouraging each of you to reach out. Our theme for the year is Ladies in Need of Change, helping Ladies in Need of Change. To qualify you need to be a lady in need of change. So we can all help each other. Our ladies breakfasts this year will be helping us to do exactly that. Help each other. Please see the dates for our breakfasts below. Please diarise the dates. We have an action packed year.

 ladiesBreakfast2 2019

We will also be arranging quite a few workshops where you join with friends in the church and invite friends outside the church. These will not be gospel events, we hope that through these events you as sisters in Christ will bond around common interests but that our non-saved friends will see our love for each other and know that Christ is Lord. We have flower-arranging workshops, mosaic workshops, make-up workshops and many more. We ask that you will take this journey with us into the true Christian sisterhood – where Christ is glorified!

If you are still not sure whether have a role to play in Ladies Ministry, allow me to compare you with a puzzle piece. You are a piece of the CCT Ladies Ministry puzzle. You are unique and no-one else can fill you space in the puzzle. Our puzzle will never be complete without you, just like a puzzle is never complete if even just one piece is missing.

Here is our special puzzle to remind each of us just that each time we get together for a breakfast.




Breakfast Dates 2019


16 February -- How do I fit in the puzzle?

At this breakfast we explored our diversity in unity. We all have our preferences and our differences and these are wonderful when all pulled together in serving the Lord together. Paul compares it to a living body with many different parts but each part as important and necessary as the other. Our puzzle above reminds us of this and we build the puzzle each time to remind ourselves of the fact that each piece of the puzzle is necessary, the puzzle will not be complete even if only 1 piece is missing!

09 March -- 121 123 1234 the ups and downs of Biblical Discipling

We really got into the nitty-gritty of Biblical dispicpling at this breakfast! Nancy Lambrechts explained what this is, how to go about it and even revealed some of the potential pitfalls. It was a very encouraging and challenging talk. Our prayer is that many ladies will step up to the plate and invest time relationships with other ladies.

13 April -- The Mother and Daughter relationship across the decades as God intended

What a wonderful gift the Lord has given us in Mothers and daughters, spiritual mothers and spiritual daughters! Our speaker made a point that really stuck in my head. “Every women can and should be mentoring another women (girl)”. Ladies let’s take up this challenge and nurture each other!


 08 June

 The beauty of cross-culturalism and the Gospel (CCK)

 13 July

 Friendship + Food

 12 October

When the tyre hits the road.....

                                                              30 November 

 Contentment amid Christmas Craze


Connect Workshops

The Ladies Ministry Team have been trying different types of events to draw ladies together in a more intimate environment.   We welcome ladies in the church and we encourage those ladies to bring friends from outside the church to come and enjoy fellowship together doing some or other activity together.

We have invited ladies to join us doing the parkrun on a Saturday morning.

We have hosted some Art Workshops where much was learnt and new friendships made.




We also hosted a Cooking Workshop giving ladies some ideas on how to use leftovers and what you have in the house to cook up a storm.




We hosted a scrapbooking afternoon.

ConnectWorkshop5th   ConnectWorkshop6th


We advertise all our events in the Newsflash and on Whatsapp in as many groups as we can. 

Please consider joining us for our next event and remember it is a lovely opportunity to invite a friend.


Our Team