Connect Groups

We invite all in our church to attend a small group Connect group. We have different small group meetings during the week to pray, study the Bible, and enjoy friendship together. Being part of a small group is a great way to grow as a Christian and feel part of the church family. There is always an extra chair even if you just want to visit to see what its like.


10:00 am  Ladies’ Connect group @ Church (Leader: Jenny Ritchie)


7:00 pm Connect group @ Plattekloof Glen (Leader: David van Niekerk)
7:00 pm Connect group @ Church (Leader: Ulrich Steynberg)
7:30 pm Connect group @ Kleinbosch (Leader: Philip Gerber)
7:30 pm      Connect group @ Edgemead (Leader: Terry Edmonds-Smith)


10:00 am Ladies' Connect group @ Plattekloof (Leader: Tania van der Watt)
10:00 am Wednesday morning Fellowship @ Church (Leader: Ray Mustoe)
6:30 for 7 pm Connect group @ Monte Vista (Leaders: Stephanus Lombard & Brad Williams)
7:00 pm Connect group @ Plattekloof Glen/Sontraal Heights (Leader: Zalin Hunt)
7:30 pm Connect group @ Edgemead (Leader: Stefan vd Merwe)
7:30 pm Connect group @ Edgemead (Leader: Ian Forster)
7:30 pm Connect group @ Stellenberg (Leader: Gerrit van der Watt)


9:30 am Ladies' Connect group @ Edgemead (Leader: Marion Edmonds-Smith)
9:30 am Connect group for Moms @ Edgemead (Leader: Nicky van der Merwe)
7:00 pm Connect group @ Edgemead (Leader: Adrian Baillie-Stewart)


5:45 am Friday morning. Men's Fellowship @ Church (Leader: Ian Orgovanyi)

Please ring the Church office for more details  -  021 559 8812